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Our mission

Environmental threats have become the most ominous megatrend for modern humankind.

Discrepancies between activities of the human civilisation and the messages from modern scientific reflection on preservation of ecosystems and continuation of existence of endangered species have ceased to be just warnings from environmentalists.


The world has come to a point where only a common vision of revival, determination and realistic solutions can offer extra time to humankind, and with a bit of luck – turn off the countdown timer.


One of the key issues in this process is energy transition, where ONDE has become an undisputed leader.


ONDE’s mission is to be the business partner of choice for comprehensive construction solutions for photovoltaic and wind farms in Poland and around the world.


Our organization’s ambition is to take real part in promotion and development of renewable energy projects, with over 3,000 MW of total capacity in wind farms and PV projects completed to date.


The dominating component of our DNA is a holistic approach to investment projects, covering supply, installation and commissioning of power plants, but also execution of roadbuilding and engineering construction projects, while adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards.


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ul. Wapienna 40 87-100 Toruń

tel: +48 56 612 25 10

tel: +48 56 612 25 11


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