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Areas of activity

ONDE, as Poland’s leader in the renewable energy sector and a general contractor for wind farms and PV projects, carries out a full range of projects and services for industries and the power sector in Poland and internationally.

Specialist knowledge, innovative vision, high safety standards and over 20 years of experience in execution of projects for a broad range of industries and the power sector, all make ONDE a credible and trustworthy partner in the field of renewable energy sources.

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Wind energy

In 2018 wind turbines generated 1,270 TWh – 4.8% of global electricity demand. Such achievements or changes of mindset are key to technological leadership towards a climate-neutral economy, with ONDE being a relentless emissary.

To maintain the previous dynamics and economic assumptions it is necessary to scale the business, managing investments at the level of wind farms, i.e. wind turbines with accompanying infrastructure.

Solar farms

Renewable energy has long ceased to be a futuristic vision of a crazy handful of visionaries.

It was replaced with a vision of a better world, with real impact made not only by large companies, but first of all by ordinary people.

Before our eyes, new horizons of project development are appearing and the commercialization of new renewable energy technologies is gaining momentum.

ONDE has always been there.

photovoltaic farm onde

Engineering construction

Even breakthrough technology innovations can become difficult if the contractor lacks a comprehensive approach to a specific project.

At ONDE we have a clear holistic approach, assuming that the final project should reasonably combine monetization of renewable energy sources with functionality of solutions offered and care for the ecosystem it will become an integral part of.

Road construction

At ONDE, one of the values in our thinking about the new world vision is the road we have to cover in order to reach the desired goal.

That is why road infrastructure is a complementary scope of services in creation and implementation of modern power ecosystems.

Road construction ONDE
O&M Service

Operation & maintenance services

At ONDE, we are well aware that even large investments can only remain in the realm of dreams, if you do not take care of the details.

Therefore, listening to the market, ONDE has developed O&M services as part of its services in the power, engineering and road construction sectors.

A qualified and modern service repairs construction equipment, forklifts, trucks, vans, passenger cars, and even changes tires. In this way, even the smallest investment can easily reach the stars.


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