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IDE Projekt, a company which belongs to ONDE SA, is an experienced , verified team of reliable highly educated engineers and designers.

Their specialized expertise, experience and competences in the scope of selecting best design solutions facilitate our increasing efficiency and achieving savings, at the same time maintaining the highest technical standards of the RES installations which we design and build.

IDE Projekt
IDE Projekt

The main scope of our operations are  design services in the branch of renewable energy sources. We carry out comprehensive construction and execution designs of solar power plants (photovoltaic farms) and wind farms  on the Polish and foreign markets. A large part of our tasks refers also to designs in the field of road and energy infrastructure and associated industries. We prepare construction and detailed designs to build new roads and reconstruct, expand and renovate existing elements of the road system and energy facilities. We have been carrying out multi-sector projects and supervise them according to the project owner’s needs.


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ul. Wapienna 40 87-100 Toruń

tel: +48 56 612 25 10

tel: +48 56 612 25 11


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