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What we do?
Working area

ONDE SA – a leader in the renewable energy sector in Poland, a leading contractor of infrastructure for renewable energy, in particular wind farms and photovoltaic farms in Poland.

Specialist knowledge, innovative approach, high safety standards and several years of experience in the implementation of projects for industry and energy make ONDE a trusted and reliable partner in the field of renewable energy sources.

Wind farms

“Wind has always accompanied humans. Without it, the era of great geographical discoveries made by European sailors at the turn of the 15th and 16th century, or Wright brothers’ dream of flying would have never become possible.

Today, wind moves the blades of our wind farms, proving that the progress of our civilisation can take place in symbiosis with nature around us.”

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Solar farms

“Solar farms spreading towards the horizon remind me of the long journey we had to make as a civilized society.

In everyday contacts with ONDE’s business partners we don’t just develop more projects – we aim towards the stars, shifting more technological borders”.

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Engineering construction

“Starting each project with a belief that the entire infrastructure will grow by itself is equally illusory as the belief that Apollo 13 returned to Earth from the Moon by itself.

Engineering experience, understanding of investors’ needs and imagination supported with highest safety standards make ONDE an undisputed authority in the renewables industry”.

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Inżynieryjne Białogard
Road construction

“Projects we undertake at ONDE are not just the final result and benefits of state-of-the-art technologies, but also a road jointly travelled. 

It is what makes us the architects of a better world filled with our dream of future generations.” 

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Operation and maintenance services

At ONDE, we are well aware that even large investments can only remain in the realm of dreams, if you do not pay attention to details.

Therefore, listening to the market, we have developed O&M services as part of the services offered in the renewable energy sector.

Qualified personnel and modern measuring and diagnostic instruments ensure high operational reliability of the ONDE entrusted to the operation of solar and wind farms.

In this way, even the smallest investment can easily reach the stars.

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IDE Projekt, a company belonging to ONDE SA, is an experienced, proven and reliable team of highly qualified engineers and designers.

Their specialist knowledge, experience and competence in the selection of the best design solutions will enable us to increase efficiency and achieve savings while maintaining the highest technical standards of the RES installations we design and build.

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