ONDE operates in a dynamically developing market, which makes up a key element of the energy transformation of Poland and Europe.

Poland was ranked 3rd in the EU as to the amount invested into new onshore wind turbines. This is, among other things, the result of very good natural conditions in Poland.

The average wind speed in Poland is about 6.5 m/s at an altitude of 100 m, and that in coastal areas reaches even 8 m/s. Most wind turbines start producing energy from 3-4 m/s.

In the recent 10 years, the power of Polish wind farms has increased more than fivefold.

The National Action Plan for Energy and Climate provides for an increase in the capacity of RES installations in Poland up to 24 GW in 2030 and 37 GW in 2040 (currently it is 9.5 GW), as well as a corresponding increase in the share of electricity generated from RES to 32% and 40% (by 2030 and 2040).

In Poland, photovoltaics is the fastest growing renewable energy sector.

Poland ranks 5th in Europe as to the amount of installed photovoltaic capacity.

Polish Energy Policy assumes a continued development of photovoltaic capacity to roughly 5-7 GW in 2030 and about 10-16 GW in 2040) and an overall increase in the share of RES in gross final energy consumption to at least 23% and no less than 32%.

Increase in revenues


CAGR 2018-20 (PLN)

Share of RES construction in revenues


Share in 2020

Order portfolio - contracting

802mln PLN

at the end of Q3 2021

Making of 2777MW wind farms of which


1307 MW of projects under construction

PV 274MW contracting of which


295 MW projects under construction

Order portfolio


+ ok. 700 MW of signed letters of intent

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