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Development Strategy of ONDE

The company’s activity in the field of wind energy focuses on the implementation of BoP (balance of plants) formula projects. Thus, the works carried out include all tasks, apart from the delivery and assembling of wind turbines. ONDE is responsible for power works, including the design and construction of power stations and medium and high voltage cable lines. It also designs and builds foundations, access roads to farms or maneuvering yards. The company also builds ”turnkey farms”, which include additionally the delivery, assembling and commissioning of power plants.

In the photovoltaic farm sector, the scope of works covers all stages of the construction process, starting with drawing up the detailed design, construction of access roads to the plot, to end with the delivery and installation of photovoltaic modules, making a cable connection and commissioning of the photovoltaic farm installation with voltage supply. ONDE carries out most of the turnkey projects in the photovoltaic area. The company also makes designs for photovoltaic installations.

ONDE’s clients are international owners and developers in the field of renewable energy sources.

The main competitive advantages of the Company are multi-year experience supported by references and an established repute as well as qualified and experienced management and engineering staff, including designers.

ONDE’s short-term strategy assumes expansion of its activity by the purchase, development and then, the sale of photovoltaic designs. The plan was launched in 2021. The company’s goal is to secure a portfolio with a potential of over 1.2 GW by the end of the year. It is important that most of the designs already purchased have reconciled conditions for connection to the grid, or have obtained a building permit, which means faster commercialization compared to designs at an early stage (greenfield).