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Management systems

When thinking about renewable energy sources, you should remember not only about the benefits, but also about SAFETY.

ONDE SA, as one of the first companies in Poland, operates in accordance with the guidelines of the international standard ISO 45001 CERTIFICATE, which makes us an authorized supplier of energy solutions according to world standards.

As part of its responsibility for the highest safety standards, ONDE has a health and safety management system compliant with the ISO 45001: 2018 standard.


At ONDE, we believe that the success of any project depends not only on the experience gained, but above all on the people who make up the organization.

Therefore, thinking about the implementation phase and the safety of all involved people, we have created a health and safety strategy based on 7 pillars, reducing the number of serious and fatal accidents to zero.

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Inżynieryjne Białogard


At ONDE, both employees and contractors know very well that renewable energy sources are not only a response to the expectations of governmental and environmental organizations, but a kind of agreement with nature that allows humanity to technological progress and make dreams come true – about present and future generations .

On every investment, even the smallest one, ONDE protects animate and inanimate nature, and the unique knowledge developed over the years, how to win it over and how to draw inspiration from it, makes ONDE a reliable and competent business partner.

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