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Career at ONDE

ONDE is an organization where exchange of ideas, positive energy and experiences are the essence of overcoming our daily challenges.

This organization is created both by people who have been with us for many years and by those who are only starting to learn about the world of wind farms and PV projects.

Take a look at our areas of operation and people our teams are looking for.

Photovoltaic farm ONDE

Student Zone

We are perfectly aware how difficult it is to find an organization where work culture, mutual respect, exchange of ideas and equal treatment are part of the DNA and not just empty slogans in corporate corridors.
This is ensured by our Internship and Work Practice Program, devoted to all those who perceive ONDE’s vision as close to their hearts.

Utilize your knowledge, feel ONDE transcending you and start your adventure with us.

Attractive projects 

At ONDE we strive to continuously collect feedback from our employees. Most of them appreciate the multi-dimensional character of projects they are responsible for in their work. This translates directly to their professional development and improvement of skills. During work practice or internship you will have an opportunity to join one of those projects. 


Team member 

We will treat you as a full-fledged team member  you will receive not only support from a mentor, but also specific tasks to be fulfilled. We will ensure that the experience you gain is not just theoretical but hands-on from successful work on the project. 


Unique atmosphere 

87% of our employees appreciate the people they spend most of their time working with. They value their attitude towards cooperation and imperative of sharing their knowledge. 

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ul. Wapienna 40 87-100 Toruń

tel: +48 56 612 25 10

tel: +48 56 612 25 11


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