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As development of our civilisation progresses, humans make an increasing impact on the environment, often resulting in destruction of ecosystems that have been evolving for millions of years.

We have to remember that it was nature that made place for humans, providing access to food, clean water and air.

That is why maximum reduction of negative impacts is one of ONDE’s primary goals in our care for the environment. 

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Wind Farm ONDE

At ONDE we all know very well that renewable energy sources are not just a response to the expectations of governments and environmental organizations, but also a certain kind of a pact with nature that allows humankind for its technological progress and fulfilment of dreams for current and future generations.

During even our smallest projects, ONDE protects nature, both its living and non-living parts, and our unique knowledge gained over the years on how to coexist and get inspiration, makes ONDE a trustworthy and competent business partner. 


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