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road construction

“Projects we undertake at ONDE are not just the final result and benefits of state-of-the-art technologies, but also a road jointly travelled. 

It is what makes us the architects of a better world filled with our dream of future generations.” 

Road construction ONDE
roar construction ONDE

At ONDE, one of the values in our thinking about the new world vision is the road we have to cover in order to reach the desired goal.

That is why road infrastructure is a complementary scope of services in creation and implementation of modern power ecosystems. 

Road construction scope of work:

  • Road building and repairs 
  • Asphalt works 
  • Pavement works 
  • Road maintenance works 
  • Partial repairs 
  • Plumbing and drainage works 
  • Street lighting 
  • Earthmoving works 

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tel: +48 56 612 25 10

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