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At ONDE we believe that success of every project depends not just on experiences gained, but primarily on people creating the organization. 

That is why, thinking about the implementation phase and safety of all people involved, we created a health and safety strategy built on 7 pillars, reducing the number of serious and fatal accidents to zero.

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7 pillars of safety

  1. Creating health and safety procedures and scenarios 
  2. Rejecting any compromises in terms of safety 
  3. Education and building awareness that construction projects can happen without accidents 
  4. Creating and continuously building safety standards among contractors 
  5. Promoting positive attitudes in H&S leadership regardless of position 
  6. Continuous improvement of team work organization standards, technology training and processing of technical solutions 
  7. Implementation of adopted safety standards at each level of organizational structure 


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tel: +48 56 612 25 10

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