Vice-President of the Board

Piotr Gutowski

Graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Marketing and Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management and in German Philology at the Faculty of Philology. He has been working at ERBUD Group since 2009. He had started his career in Rembet Plus, a company that later became part of PBDI S.A. As Commercial Director he was responsible for acquisition of contracts in the renewable energy sector (wind and PV farms). Since 2015 he also held the position of Proxy at Company. Fluent in German and English.


  • Supervision of Development Department
  • Supervision of Marketing Department
  • Supervision of Sales Department
  • Supervision of Production Preparation Department
  • Supervision of Wind Farm Development Department
  • Supervision of PV Development Department
  • Development and supervision of Operation&Maintenance Department
  • Acquisition and Development of PV Projects
  • Customer/partner acquisition, investor relations, support in construction contract acquisition