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Paweł Przybylski becomes new ONDE President

Paweł Przybylski, an experienced manager, stands at the helm of the company that is a leader in construction of renewable energy sources in Poland.

We are in the best moment of ONDE history. Cable pooling, energy stores, liberalisation of the 10H Distance Act, and huge funds from NRP for energy transition in Poland and Europe represent just some of the arguments supporting fast development of the RES market. I am happy that we are joined by the experienced manager, proficient in the RES market in Europe, and whose great knowledge and professionalism will contribute to the increase in the Company value’, says Mr JaceK Leczkowski, Chairman of the ONDE Supervisory Board and Vice-President of the ERBUD Group.

ONDE had a great last year and even better start of 2024. In 2023, ONDE’s net profit increased by over 3.5 times with income remaining at the similar level, while its operating profit was higher by 121% year over year. Furthermore, only in the first quarter of this year, the Company sold three photovoltaic projects and one wind project of the total capacity of 60.5 MW, and further negotiation processes are in progress. The Company foresees that its developer portfolio will double to the target level of 1.6–1.8 GW within 2–3 years.

I am joining a strong company with a great reputation in the RES market, which impressive development I have been watching for years. Favourable circumstances suggest that its previous successes are only a beginning of a new chapter of its history. The chances are that the Company with such strong competencies and enormous experience will become a beneficiary of the approaching energy transition, and an active player in the European RES market. I am really happy with the role that has been entrusted to me’, says Mr Paweł Przybylski, the new ONDE President.

Mr Paweł Przybylski is a graduate of the Finances and Banking course at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. For over 20 years he have been working with the Siemens Group in Poland and Germany. In recent years, he specialised in the renewable energy sources segment, taking positions of the Managing Director and the Offshore Sales Director at Siemens Gamesa, where he supervised the market in Poland and Baltic States. Siemens Gamesa is one of the leading wind turbines producers in the world.

At ONDE, Mr Przybylski will take the position of the President of the Management Board. The previous president, Mr Paweł Średniawa, stays at the Company as a Vice-President and will be responsible for the area of finances.

I would like to thank the Supervisory Board and the shareholders for their previous trust. I am proud of the position that the Company holds at the moment. It is facing new challenges and great opportunities. As a Vice-President, I will mainly shape and execute the Group’s financial policy and support the new President, whom I have known for years, in developing ONDE’, says Mr Paweł Średniawa.

The previous Vice-Presidents, Mr Piotr Gutowski (in ONDE since 2009), responsible mainly for winning and performance of contracts, from now on also in the road sector; and Mr Marek Marzec (who joined ONDE in September 2023), mainly supervising the area of execution, development and strategy of own RES projects and the M&A Department, remain in the Management Board. The previous Vice-President Marcin Szerszeń handed in his resignation.