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Young scientists with a support of the RES sector leader

A cooperation between business and science a chance for innovations in the RES sector. The first edition of the grant programme organised by ONDE SA has started. In a few months, we will see effects of research projects.

An improvement in technical conditions by self-balancing energy areas, development of a device improving energy quality parameters at prosumers, or lighting streets and pavements with biological light emitted by fungi? These are only a few subjects of research projects on which young researchers, selected under a grant programme SOFIA, are just beginning to work.

Renewable sources are the most economic source of energy, but they can function even better, and generate lower costs or additional income; however, somebody must undertake an analytical effort accelerating changes, and somebody must support those efforts. And this is a role for responsible business, as such combination supports the sustainable development’ says Piotr Gutowski, ONDE SA Vice-President. ‘For years, we have been participating in educational initiatives, especially those developing environmental awareness, as this is the area of the greatest interest for us. Following last year’s listing at the stock exchange and a dynamic development of ONDE, we decided to initiate implementation of our own grant programmes.

The grant programme SOFIA (Science Onde Flow Innovation Academy) is addressed to people who want to transform their knowledge into scientific and research programmes related to RES subjects. The pool of resources allocated to grants amounts to PLN 200,000 thousand. The applications cover nine subject blocks, announced in this year’s edition. According to the programme schedule, we will learn the first results of works already in August, but we have to wait a little bit longer, until November, for their final.

The programme was initiated by the stock-exchange listed company ONDE SA, a leader in the renewable energy sources sector, with the participation of HUAWEI, AGH University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, and the Association “Z energią o prawie” (With energy about law).

‘The energy transition is one of the most important challenges of our times. Environmentally friendly forms, including RES, are crucial, if we want to ensure a healthy future of our planet, and our children and grandchildren. This young generation, full of ideas, may make an enormous contribution to development of those innovative solutions. I am very happy that we can be a part of the initiative that aims at supporting their creativity and involvement in development of green technologies. As Huawei, for years we have been supporting educational initiatives for young talents, and our support for the Grant Programme SOFIA represents another important step on a road to development of a strong ecosystem of Polish innovators, besides Huawei initiatives such as Seed for the Future or ICT Academy’ says Ryszard Hordyński, Strategy and Communications Director at Huawei Poland.

The grant programme SOFIA is one of the pillars of the ONDE FLOW project, initiated last year. As a part of this educational initiative, the Company ONDE also works on development of educational materials on renewable energy for schools, started up in Toruń the first private anti-smog air filtration device in Poland, cooperates with the Energy Academy, and initiates workshops and study visits for students’ clubs. Mateusz Kusznierewicz, a Polish sailor, the Olympic Champion and the world champion, is the ONDE FLOW ambassador.

More details can be found at: https://www.ondeflow.pl/